HopenHeart Music Ministry

My daughter Kristen and I started performing together with a local homeschool music ministry in 2013.   A little later Chris Duncan joined us on special monthly gigs at the request of a sweet resident … and HopenHeart Music Ministry was born.   Our ministry has grown to serve several special needs groups in our community with more musicians generously sharing their talents.  We have met some extraordinary people and been blessed in so many ways through this ministry.  Many thanks to my husband Chip for taking these videos for us!!!

Highlights from October 2018

Perry Moran, Rhonda Huete, Scotty Wig, Bree Parker, and David Holloway

Here I Am to Worship - Great I Am - HopenHeart covers

With Chris and Kristen performing Here I Am to Worship and the Great I Am for a local nursing home

Make You Better cover (The Decemberists)

With Kristen and Chris Duncan (Gravity Blinks) covering Make You Better

Lord I Need You cover (Matt Maher)

With Matt and Kristen covering Lord I Need You

Hosanna cover

Rhonda and Kristen covering Hosanna

Hallelujah cover featuring Kalyn Muller

Kalyn Muller covering Hallelujah

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean cover featuring Shelby Leann

Cover of Sleepy Jean featuring Shelby Leann

Holy Wedding Day Cover featuring Chris Duncan

With Chris and Kristen covering Holy Wedding Day

Revelation Song Cover

With Kristen and Chris covering Revelation Song

Peace - original song

With Matt Cazalas and Kristen playing the first song I ever completed ... Peace. Released on the Gravity Blinks debut EP!

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