Music in My Second Life – Life Rocks!

As promised in the first post, here is the story of how music became my second life. 🙂

I spent the first half of my adult life in another career, but always wished I had done more with music after setting aside my guitar in college. Well, you know how we adults tell ourselves our dreams are just folly, so I pushed my musical self aside until…

My daughter Kristen (now a college freshman) started high school and we discovered she was very musical. I had retired from my first profession, taken up mixed martial arts, and, with the courage earned in that pursuit, signed up for guitar lessons from her incredible teacher. The fire ignited and I haven’t turned back.

Kristen is an amazing musician, a very gifted percussionist, also playing piano, bass, singing, and now writing songs too. After jamming with each other in our lessons, then playing music for nursing homes, our instructor/mentor Chris joined us in music ministry (see the HopenHeart tab), we started playing for more special needs groups as a trio, the songs started flowing, and Chris encouraged us to head into the studio and start recording some of the songs I had written. So… I write songs, play acoustic guitar, and sing, and now manage the band; Kristen plays percussion and does backing vocals, and Chris plays several instruments, sings, writes, and produces.

My band is a wonderful journey. We call ourselves Gravity Blinks because of those pivotal, often fleeting, moments that change our lives when we suddenly see clearly, free of limits. Think of the free falling, weightless euphoria of dropping from the top of a rollercoaster! 😀

We hail from three generations, so the formation of our band was, and continues to be, blessed with many of those ageless aha “Gravity Blinks” moments. As such, we have many musical influences including rock, alternative, jazz, and Christian/inspirational music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to today … so our sound is the product of a melting pot of inspiration.  Some have called our sound dreamy progressive rock, and I think that fits nicely.  What do you think?

Our first single, White Dove, is also our icon, as it is a meaningful symbol to us of love, peace, and faith, fruits of the Holy Spirit, the promise of God Who is ultimately the core of who we are, the root of what we do, and our hope for the future. We share the desire to heal and inspire people of all backgrounds to live fully and embrace one another with acceptance and love.

We are honored that our music has been placed in the rotation of internet radio stations and podcasts.  Women of Substance radio was the first and featured White Dove in their Women of Substance New Music podcast in 2016. Click here to listen!
Women of Substance Podcast #494

I currently play solo gigs, perform acoustic gigs duo or trio with my daughter and Scott Wigley (Rhonda Huete Music on Facebook), and love to plug in and rock out with our band Gravity Blinks!  ♥

Feeling very incredibly blessed to finally be pursuing music full time!!!  Life rocks!


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